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Can a thermal imaging camera see straight through walls?
No, the representation is the transmission of thermal energy, so you will see different surface temperature of items.

Can a thermal imaging camera detect leaks?
Yes, though the water should be 'heat sunk' i.e. be run with hot water first.

Can a thermal imaging camera detect other air leaks?
Yes, due to the temperature variations with draft areas.

Can a thermal imaging camera see through clothing?
Technically, no – however if someone had a gun (or other weapon) hidden under
clothing it would appear cooler on camera.

Can a thermal imaging camera see hidden compartments?
In a vehicle, yes due to the change in thermal characteristics of a surface caused by
he adjoining surface which can highlight structural details which cant be seen
by the human eye. In residences or buildings objects can act like insulation in the walls
which will produce a thermal image and police often use them to locate objects hidden
in walls.

Do thermal imaging cameras work in fire and thick smoke?
Yes, they can be used in visual obscurants like dust and smoke, and are often used by
law enforcement officers or firefighters to quickly ascertain the extent of fires or to scan
for victims.

Can a thermal imaging camera see through glass?
No, as they don't operate in the visible light spectrum the cameras can only give you an
Image of the surface temperature (which will just be an image of the window). However
if you are close to the window you may be able to see a faint reflection which will be
your heat bouncing from the window. Interesting...

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