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 Really pleased to see FLIR has released its new, improved FLIR Exx thermal imaging cameras, they’re affordable, easy to use and handle and should speed up electrical, mechanical and building inspections significantly.


The new cameras have both Bluetooth and Meterlink connections for fast easy info exchange with customers and colleagues, and you can quickly transfer images to a smart phone or tablet PC.

The Exx series also has a new keypad and user interface (simple to operate, even for those of us with fat fingers).


Add the new features to FLIRs existing abilities to produce instant “point & shoot” JPEG thermal imagery, video streaming /recording with data and auto orientation feature to account for weird angles we sometimes have to work at.


The Exx series is great news! If you want to know more drop into our showroom I can demonstrate to new FLIR models we have on display.


Glen McDonnell

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