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Thermal Cameras for Electrical & Mechanical Applications

The use of thermography has revolutionised predictive maintenance inspection programs for virtually all types of industries.

A thermal imaging camera is a reliable, non-contact instrument which is able to scan and visualise the temperature distribution of entire surfaces of machinery and electrical equipment quickly and accurately. Thermography programs have contributed to substantial cost savings for our customers around the world.



For utilities, failure is not an option. That’s why infrared thermography has become the core of utility predictive maintenance programs around the world. Utilities depend on thermography to avoid costly failures in power generation, transmission and distribution as infrared cameras help find anomalies before trouble strikes and service is affected. 

Thermal Imaging for Manufacturing Industries

At manufacturing facilities thermal imaging cameras are used for inspecting a countless number of production equipment and components as well as the complete electrical power supply system. 

An infrared image including accurate temperature data provides the maintenance expert with important information about the condition of the inspected object. Inspections are done with the production process in full operation. In many cases the use of a thermal imaging camera can help optimize the production process itself.

Mechanical Equipment

Some examples of mechanical equipment where thermography is used:

  • Pumps (overheated connections, fuse problems, overloaded electrical cables etc)
  • Process valves (open, closed, leakage)
  • Storage tanks (sludge levels)
  • Pipelines (check if and where there are anomalies, for example locate build up of scale etc)
  • Motors (overheating bearings, misalignment, overheated windings)
  • Conveyor belts (overheated bearings)
  • Furnace inspections (with a special camera designed to “see through flames” for high temperature industrial furnace applications, ideal for monitoring all types of furnaces, heaters and boilers.)


Electrical Equipment

Some examples of electrical equipment where thermography is used:

  • Primary power source i.e. outdoor high voltage switchyard
  • Switchgear
  • Transformers
  • Low voltage installations i.e. breaker panels, faulty electrical outlets/wall sockets
  • Fuse panels
  • Motor control centers (MCC)
  • Electrical cabinets

To get even more out of your camera investment, you can use your infrared camera to audit energy efficiency of your plant environment, including roofing, heating and cooling systems, and building structures.


Thermal Imaging for Electrical Contractors

Electrical contractors know the value of having the right tool available for the job at hand. FLIR offers a wide range of solutions to help you improve the efficiency, accuracy, and safety of your work. 

Detect Problem Areas Before the Real Problems Occur

In production plants, office facilities, hospitals or hotels, an infrared camera instantly makes hot spots visible on a clear thermal image. You can scan electrical cabinets and components and survey multiple wires and connections to get an instant picture of potential trouble. Detect the problem area and repair it before real problems occur. Common electrical targets are fuses, electrical panels, bolted connections and switchgear.

Measure Temperatures in a Non-Contact Mode

A thermal camera allows you to measure the temperature of any object you are looking at in a non-contact mode, without putting yourself in danger. A crosshair or an area in the infrared image allows you to measure either the point value or the max or min value. Detect the most diverse electrical problems instantaneously by seeing them on a thermal image.

Whether it is a lightweight handheld infrared camera that fits easily in a tool belt, or a full-featured, high-definition infrared camera, FLIR can help you build the competitive edge you need in today’s marketplace.

Thermal Imaging for Service Companies

Service companies’ main customers for electrical and mechanical applications are either utilities or manufacturing industries – thus the usage is the same as described for these categories.


FLIR Feature-Rich IR Cameras

For service companies it is important to have an infrared solution that makes it possible to handle many different applications.

FLIR has long-term relationships with many infrared service companies, and offers a full range of cameras with a great deal of flexibility for all kinds of applications.

Service companies have realized that high performance cameras, delivering the best image quality, increase the value of their inspection reports and generate more work opportunities.