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Thermal Imaging for Medical Applications

Today, infrared thermography has become one of the most efficient techniques for the study of skin temperature. High performance, infrared cameras provide a sensitive diagnostic tool for a multitude of clinical and experimental situations, ranging from breast cancer screening to open heart surgery.

IR for Medical Diagnostics

Thirty years of clinical use and more than 8,000 peer-reviewed studies in the medical literature have established thermography as a safe and effective means to examine the human body. It is completely non-invasive, and as such does not require the use of radiation or other potentially harmful elements. Medical research has shown thermography to be a useful tool in research as well as being helpful in the diagnosis of Breast Cancer, Nervous System Disorders, Metabolic Disorders, Neck and Back Problems, Pain Syndromes, Arthritis, Vascular Disorders, and Soft Tissue Injuries among others.

Many base line thermographic studies have been performed which show the anticipated normal pattern of temperature in a thermal image, both in steady state as well as dynamic situations, for example during skin heating and cooling. Characteristic changes in the normal pattern are associated with different pathological phenomena. These changes provide the basis to be able to carry out objective non-invasive investigations, which are of diagnostic value.