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Thermal Imaging for HVAC & Plumbing

A “whole building” approach is needed to maximize energy efficiency of a building or a home. Indoor environment can be compromised by poor insulation, poorly sealed windows and doors, inadequate or poorly sealed ductwork, plumbing leaks, or other plumbing issues relating to Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems.

Building Diagnostics

An infrared inspection of a ceiling heating system shows several hotspots.

See the Big Picture

An infrared camera is a practical tool that helps building professionals see the big picture. With FLIR infrared cameras for building applications, it is easy to scan an entire building and see the relation of HVAC system, building envelope and plumbing issues.

And, with FLIR infrared cameras, you get advanced features to help you see how, when, and where energy saving solutions can be implemented. From determining insulation effectiveness to diagnosing faulty ductwork, a FLIR infrared camera helps protect your business from the start of a job to completion.


Plumbers are using thermal imaging in many areas of their business today to help them with the following;

  • Locate hot pipes in walls (plastic and copper)
  • Locate cold pipes in walls
  • Trace burst pipes in walls
  • Search for roof leaks
  • Locating insulation in walls and ceiling
  • Locating floor heating wires in bathrooms
  • Testing water temperature
  • Locating dampness in walls
  • Leaking shower bases and bath seals
  • Energy leak through windows and doors
  • Testing solar hot water panels
  • Leaking Air Conditioning
  • Measuring pipe re-liner resin temperature
  • Locating blockages in aerial stack work


The most popular thermal imaging camera for a plumber is the C2, E6 and the E40.

 See how a plumber uses an i7 camera to locate a split breeching tee behind a shower wall without removing a tile. There was evidence behind the wall of dampness. The strata manager was extremely pleased to know the problem was identified within 10 minutes without any fuss. Consequently the plumber received many more jobs from that strata manager. The best part, a plumber charges $300 for the hire of the camera plus his service call and labour fee.


This plumber is locating the tee for the shower in a bathroom.


Shower leak on ceiling below


Checking solar panel operation